Anderson Cattle Customers Bred Heifers
Thursday, December 19, 2019   1:00 PM
For specific info call Geoff - 306-731-7921

Anderson Customer Bred Heifers:

  • $1000 bull sale credit - $500 to seller and $500 to the buyer of the drawn heifer
  • Colven Cattle Company
    20 Black/Black Blaze/Red/Red Star Ai'd to Soo Line Motive April 23 - No bull exposure - due Jan.22
          Bovi-shield vaccine program, Had first scour guard and ivomec
          Slide Show of Pics
  • Blacksand Cattle Company
         *22 Black Simm-Angus Exposed April 15-May 5 (21 day exposure)  - due Jan.22 to Feb.11
           Bred to sons of Soo Line Motive
           Bovi-shield vaccine program have had first shot of Scour Bos
           Pics coming
  • 4-Wire Fencing:
        *15 Angus/Simm-Angus - Black/Black Blaze/Red/Red star face
          Exposed May24-July 5 to Stone Bulls - due March 1
          Slide Show of Pics
  • Watkins Rock Solid Ranch
        *25 Black/Black Brockle/Black White Face
          Exposed June 15-August 1st to Colossal and Stone sons - due March 24
          Bovishield vaccine program/ Ivomeced
          Slide Show of Pics
  • Morhart Farms
        *10 Black Heifers bred Black Angus due March 10 - 60 day exposure
          Slide Show of Pics