Cow/Calf Pairs, Bred Cows
Saturday, April 28, 2018  1:00 PM

Consisgnments Listed to Date:

  • 17 mostly Red & Black pairs -mostly 1st to 4th calvers, Jan/Feb calves at side, some Mar/Apr.
      6 Breds - 3 to 7yrs, bred Blk Simmental or Hereford, some showing now. 
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6
         Calves1    Calves2    Calves3    Calves4    Calves5
  • 21 Cow/calf Pairs: 13 Black, 8 Red/Tan, plus 6 Bred Cows (Red/Tan/Black)
         Calves are born in March & April, cows are are various ages
  • Other pics of pairs consigned:
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6
  • We expect several consignments of cow/calf pairs and bred cows for this auction