Bred Cows & Heifers
Saturday, December 12, 2020   Time TBA

Consignments to Date: Updates, pictures & more details will be added later Oct / Early Nov

  • *R&R Ranch Bred Heifers / 2nds
         *25 Bred Heifers and 2nd calvers - details coming
  • *Lipsett Bred Heifers
        *20 Blk/BBF heifers bred Red Angus (74lb BW). to start calving later March.
          Full heard health program, Ivermectin late November. 
          Mid-Oct pics:  Hfr1      Hfr2     Hfr3    Hfr4     Hfr5
  • *Ailsacraig Bred Heifers
        *35 Black & Red Heifers - details coming
  • *Lambert Bred Heifers
        *30 mostly Black Heifers - details coming
  • *Cristo Bred Heifers
        *40 Red/RBF Heifers bred Red Angus - details coming
  • *Zentner Bred Heifers
        *45 Red (RAngXGelbXSimm) Heifers - details coming
  • *Beitel Bred Heifers
        *15 Red/RBF SimmX Heifers bred Red Angus (72lb W) to start calving April 1
  • *Edwards Bred Heifers
        *7 Blk/BBF and 3 Limo Heifers bred Black Angus or Limousin to calve in Feb. & March
  • *Lipp Dispersal
        *50 Mixed Breed cows - details coming
  • *Ailsacraig Bred Cows
        *35 Mixed Breed cows - details coming
  • *We are taking consignments for this sale - they will be listed here as they are booked.
This cattle sale will be conducted as planned, but due to the Saskatchewan Emergency Health Order, crowds will be limited in our sale arena.

We encourage you to come to pre-view the cattle Friday before the sale. You will be able to bid live online with DLMS or over the phone or leaving a confidential proxy bid with sale staff. Order buyers will also be available.

If you are hesitant to be out in crowds, please use the online, phone or proxy bidding options.

To those wanting to come to the auction, please come by yourself to limit the crowd size, and you can participate in the auction as usual.
Those of you who come for the socializing, we will welcome you back when the Emergency Health Order is over, but for now, please stay home and view the sale online.

DLMS  You can view and bid online for this auction. Visit to register and bid.
Contact Mark Shologan at 780-699-5082 or Whitney Bosovich at 780-991-3025 for more information or help