Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, December 15, 2018   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:
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  • Windy Willows Farms Angus Purebred & Commercial Bred Heifer Production
         30 Black Angus Bred Heifers
         10 Red Angus Bred Heifers
         20 Black Angus Bred Cows
         10 Red Angus Bred Cows

         Some selling wilth registration papers, some with papers available, some commercial.
         Pictures coming mid-November
  • Deer Range Farms Bred Heifers
         80 Tan (CharX) Heifers bred Red Angus to start calving mid-February with only 30-day exposure
              Tans1    Tans2    Tans3    Tans4    Tans5    Tans6    Tans7
            Updated Tan pics:
        Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7    Hfrs8    Hfrs9
                Hfrs10    Hfrs11    Hfrs12    Hfrs13    Hfrs14    Hfrs15    Hfrs16    Hfrs17    Hfrs18    Hfrs19
         30 Red Angus (a few Bll Simm) bred Red Angus to start calving later March
    Pics1    Pics2    Pics3    Pics4    Pics5    Pics6    Pics7    Pics8    Pics9    Pics10
          Pics11    Pics12    Pics13   
         30 Red Angus Bred Cows from 3rd to 6th calvers
  • Ailsacraig Farm Black Bred Heifers
         75 Heifers: 55 Black & 20 Red heifers bred Blk/BBF Angus (Peak Dot bulls) to start calving mid-March
         Heifers have had all vaccinations and Vit.AD and are Ivomeced
    Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7    Hfrs8  
         Hfrs9    Hfrs10    Hfrs11    Hfrs12    Hfrs13    Hfrs14
  • Vandenhurk Bred Heifers
    Heifers: 18 Red, 5 Black, 5 Silver Heifers bred Speckle Park to start calving earlier March
         Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7    Hfrs8    Hfrs9    Service Sire(not being sold)
  • Warken Reduction
         60 Black cows bred Black Angus to start calving March 1
    The cows are 5-7yrs old.
  • We expect several hundred head of dispersals and bred heifers for this auction.
         Details and pictures will be coming by later October.