Bred Cows / Heifers / Pairs
Saturday, December 2, 1:00 PM

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Consignments to Date:  

  • Beaver Creek Livestock (Barry Clemens) Bred Heifers
        *20 Red Angus & RAng/Simm mostly home raised heifers bred Red Angus to start
         calving late March
        Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7
  • Goudy's Prairie Acres (Doug Goudy) Bred Heifers
         *70 RAngXSimm (most Red, some RBF) home-raised heifers bred Red Angus
               to start calving mid-March with 45 day exposure
         *Ivomeced and full herd health
         Hfrs1       Hfrs2       Hfrs3       Hfrs4       Hfrs5       Hfrs6       Hfrs7       Hfrs8       Hfrs9       Hfrs10
  • Messner Bred Heifers / 2nds / 3rds:
         *12 Blk/BBF heifers and 12 2nd/3rd calvers bred Black Angus to calve from Apr.1 to May 20
          They will be Ivomeced and are on a full herd health program.
          Pic1    Pic2    Pic3    Pic4    Pic5    Pic6
  • Shawn Tessier Bred Heifers
         *25 Red Angus Heifers bred Red Angus to start calving earlier March
          Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5
  • Colhoun Bred Heifers
         *23 Red/RBF/Blk/BBF heifers bred Red Angus to start calving later March, & the RAng bull
  • Stevens Bred Heifers:
         *15 Blk/BBF heifers bred Black Angus to start calving later March
  • Schwindt Bred Heifers & young cows:  Full herd health, Covexin+ & Virashield6
         *9 heifers bred Black Angus and 9 younger cows    Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5
         *9 younger cows bred Simmental, Hereford, or Black Angus
  • Drysdale Livestock Cowherd Dispersal
         *46 Black Angus & BAngXSimm cows and 7 Red GelbX cows bred Black Angus
          to start calving May 1. Cows are 3rd calvers and up. PhizerGold FP5, VL5, and 8-way.
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8    Cows9    Cows10
             Cows11    Cows12    Cows13    Cows14    Cows15    Cows16
  • Pineview Acres (Carmela Miller) Dipsersal
         *60 CharX (mostly White & Tan, some Red) cows bred Charolais to start calving mid-March
         The cows are 3rd calvers and up. The 2 Charolais bulls also sell: Bull1    Bull2
          Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8    Cows9    Cows10
  • Hunstad Young Cows: 27 Rerd/RWF cows bred RAng or RAngX to start calving early April
         Almost all are 2nd/3rd calvers
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8
  • We expect other consignments of bred cows & heifers of various breeds and ages (350+)