Bred Cows / Heifers / Pairs
Saturday, February 24, 1:00 PM

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Consignments to Date:  Preg / Info sheet now online

  • We will sell at 12:30 before the cattle:
         *40+ freestanding 24' panels, some with gates on the end
         *4 heavy duty round bale feeders
         *One 18' long rounded inside feeder (carriage type)
         *Two 24'X24' feeders with slide-in ends

         * Two heavy-duty round bale feeders, one double round bale feeder
         * 4' X 4' incinerator
         *These will be the last panels / gates / feeders to sell until April 14.
         *The John Deere Gator was not able to be repaired in time for the sale, so may come to a future consignment sale in the spring.
         *Salt Block Holder - "Being in the cattle business for 45 yrs, keeping salt blocks in place was a problem. This salt block holder is solid, does not slide around. Cattle can not upset it."
            pic from front      pic from side
  • Armstrong Reduction:
         50 Tan (some Red) Cows bred Red Angus or Simmental
         Cows of all ages (half are 6yrs and under) to calve in March/April/May
         Ivomeced, Phizer program
         Cows1      Cows2      Cows3      Cows4      Cows5      Cows6
  • Clayton Schuweiler Dipsersal:
         32 mostly Black, some Red cows all 5yrs old and under bred Black Angus to start mid-March
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5   
         1 Registered Black Angus bull coming 3yrs old - Tattoo TLW 15C, BW 79lbs
  • Coteau Hills Land and Cattle Co Bred Heifers:
         All had 1st scour shot & Ivomec
         20 Black Heifers bred Black Angus (60-day exposure) to start calving April 1
         10 Tan hefiers bred Red Angus (60-day exposure) to start calving April 1
         Tan1        Tan2      Tan3      Blk1      Blk2      Blk3
  • 30 CharX Tan (some White) cows bred Charolais to start late March (65-day exposure)
         The cows are 4-6yrs old.
  • 4 Bred Cows and 1 Bull from the Estate of Dennis Waller
  • We expect more bred cows & heifers of various breeds and ages