Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, November 17, 2018   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:

  • Bar S Ranch Bred Heifers / Young Cows:
          Full herd health on these cattle. All are bred to low BW Breed Creek Black Angus bulls.
         They will start calving the 3rd week of March.
         *70 Black Heifers that'll weigh about 1100lbs by sale day.
                  These heifers were bought from top-cut open heifer pens last fall.
         *10 Shorthorn Heifers (Red/R&W)
         *10 young Black Cows (2nd & 3rd calvers)
         *Pictures of the heifers in July:    pic1    pic2
  • We expect several more groups of bred cows and cow/calf pairs of various breeds /ages