Bred Cows / Heifers / Pairs
Saturday, November 18, 1:00 PM

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Consignments to Date:  
We will be selling 30+ freestanding panels (some with gates), some freestanding windbreaks,
some bunk feeders, plus a quantity of lumber from a local lumber yard at 12:15 before the cattle.

  • Schmidt / McLaren Bred Heifers
         *35 Heifers (20 Red/RBF, 7 Black, 3 CharX Tan) bred Red Angus or Hereford to start calving later February
         Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7    Hfrs8    Hfrs9    Hfrs10     Hfrs11     Hfrs12     Hfrs13
  • Clubbe Bred Heifers:
         *5 Simm Heifers bred Black Angus to start calving early March
  • Fahlman Bred Heifers
         *30 CharX (15 Tan, 15 White) heifers bred Red Angus (Cockburn bull) to start calving mid January
          Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5    Hfrs6    Hfrs7    Hfrs8    Service Sire
  • Louis & Marlis Duff Dispersal:
         *30 Red Angus / RAngX / Char X Tan Cow/calf pairs (calves born since Aug.15),
          cows are 5+ yrs old, not re-exposed to the bull
         *18 Red Angus / RAngX / CharX Tan Bred Heifers and 2nd calvers bred Red Angus and due to start calving Feb.1 with 35-day exposure
         *All of the cows have been vaccinated with CattleMaster
         Pic1     Pic2    Pic3    Pic4     Pic5     Pic6     Pic7     Pic8    Pic9    Pic10    Pic11    Pic12    Pic13
  • DRD Charolais (Don Railton) Commercial Dispersal
         *19 CharX Tan & Red cows bred Red-Factor Charolais to start calving late February
          The cows will be almost all 6yrs old and under.  They will be Ivomeced and had PhizerGold
          Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8    Cows9
  • Andrews Dispersal:
         *25 CharXRAngXGelb cows (Tans & Reds) bred Char or Gelb to start calving early March,
          cows of all ages
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4
  • Henderson Bred Hfrs / Cows
         *10 Red/RBF Here/RAng/Simm heifers bred Red Angus and 10 productive cows bred Charolais
          To start calving late January
          Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4
  • 10 Red/RBF (1 BBF) heifers bred Black Angus to start calving later March
         Hfrs1    Hfrs2    Hfrs3    Hfrs4    Hfrs5
  • Living Sky Beef
         *19 2nd calvers, 9 3rd calvers, 2 4th calvers Blk/BWF/Red/RWF bred Hereford or Black Angus
          To start calving May 1.
          Pic1    Pic2
  • Several groups of bred heifers and 2nd calvers of various breeds
  • 5 Young cows with 1-2month old calves at side
  • Corriente Bred Cows: 11 mostly young Corriente cows bred Black Angus
         to start calving later March with 60-day exposure
         Corr1    Corr2    Corr3   
  • We expect 400+ bred cows & heifers of various breeds and ages