Annual All-Breeds Open Replacement Heifers
Saturday, April 7, 2018  1:00 PM

Book your heifers early to get the most advertising!
If we know what you're bringing by early March, it's an advantage to you!

Consisgnments Listed to Date:

  • Armstrong Heifers:
         30 Red heifers (RAng & RAngXSimm) - more info coming
  • Gauley Heifers:
         20 Polled Hereford heifers, full herd health,
         April/17 Vaccinations: Bovishield Gold FP5, Ultrabac 7/Somubac, Ivomec
         Nov/17 VAccinations: Bovishield Gold 1-shot, Ultrabac 7/Somubac, Vit AD, Solmectin
         Jan/18 - Vibrin
         Hfrs1       Hfrs2     Hfrs3      Hfrs4      Hfrs5
  • Carrobourg Heifers:
         10 CharX heifers on the Phizer Gold program, from a Scourguarded herd, Ivomeced
  • Ivanhoe Heifers
         5 Black Angus heifers
  • Beaudoin Heifers
         5 Simm X RAng heifers on the Phizer GOld program, Ivomeced
  • Silzer Heifers
         30 Angus X Simm heifers on Full Herd health program, checked open in January
  • Curtis Heifers
         15 SimmX heifers
  • Two 2yr old solid red Longhorn bulls used on 40 heifers last year, came from Darryl Allamand, the last 2 from him gave 100% calving unassisted
         Bull1    Bull2
  • We expect 200-300 heifers for this auction