Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, December 11, 2021   12:00 PM

Consignments to Date:

  • *Lipsett Bred Heifers
         20+ BBF/Red/RBF heifers bred Red Angus to start calving mid-March
         UTD on vaccinations, Ivomeced
         Slide Show of Pics   
  • *Ailsacraig Bred Heifers
         26 Heifers (17 Red/RBF, 6 Blk, 3 Tan) bred to Peak Dot calving ease bulls to start calving mid-March
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  • *Zentner Bred Heifers
         45 Solid Red (RAngXGelbXSimm) Heifers bred to Flying K Red Angus bulls (50 days) for later March
         This is a closed herd - Home-Raised and 1-iron heifers. BVD/IBR vaccinated, Ivomeced
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  • *KA Ranch Bred Heifers
         50 (25 RWF(RAngX) and 25 Black) heifers bred Black Angus to start calving earlier March
         Bred by Windy Willows Black Angus heifer bulls
         Slide Show of RWF          Slide Show of Blacks
  • *Hunstad Bred Heifers
         66 Red/RBF/Blk/BBF Heifers
         Black AngusX & Red AngusX (some Simm & Galloway influence)
           41 Bred Black Angus to start calving earlier April (70-day exposure)
           25 Bred Red Angus to start calving later March (90-day exposure)
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  • *Deer Range Purebred Simmental Dispersal
         31 PB Simmental cows (Red/RBF/Blk/BBF) exposed May25-July25 (55-days)
         12 PB Bred Heifers (Red/RBF/Blk/BBF) AI'd early May, then exposed May25-July25 (55-days)
          7 PB Open Heifer calves
           They have had BoviShield 1-shot & Ultrabac7 pe-breeding and Ivomec
         The service sire LTS Crocus Foundation 46H (LTS 46H) will sell as well.
          Catalogue in PDF Link        Videos of the Bred Hfrs
  • *Messner Dispersal of cows 8yrs and under
         70 Blk/BBF cows aged 8 and under bred Black Angus to start calving late March
         This is a VBF Certified herd and under a full vet directed health plan. Ivomeced
         Ages: 13 bred heifers, 18 2nd calvers, 12 3rd calvers, 13 4th calvers, 19 5th-7th calvers
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *Other Bred Heifers & Dispersals are pending and will be listed here as confirmed

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Sask Health Order:
This auction will be conducted as planned with no crowd size restrictions, but masks are mandatory in the sale arena and lobby.

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