Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Wednesday, December 22, 2021   12:00 PM

Consignments to Date:

  • *Palmer Bred Heifers
         90 Bred Heifers - 22 Tans, 6 RBF, 63 Solid Red (some Simm influence)
         Bred Red Angus calving ease bulls to start mid-March (exp. Jun.5 - Sep.10)
         Video of Tans        Video of RBF       Video of RBF      Picture Show
  • *Hamilton Bred Heifers
         30 Black & Red Heifers bred Black Angus to start mid-March (60-day exposusre)
         Herd health program. Bovishiueld Gold and Covexin last spring
         Pictures coming
  • *Leib Dispersal
         20 Red cows bred Red Angus to start calving later March
         Ages are from Bred Heifers to mature
         Pictures coming
  • *Bekker Dispersal
         18 Cows (Hereford & BBF) bred to a Windy Willows Black Angus bull (87lb BW)
          Cow ages:  2 - 2nd calvers, 3 - 3rd calvers, 13 - 6th calvers    
          Slide Show of Pics
  • *Miller Reduction
         30+ mostly Red cows bred Red Angus to start calving mid-April
         Pictures coming
  • *Corriente Cows: 6 younger cows bred Angus to start calving mid-April
  • *Other Bred Heifers & Dispersals are pending and will be listed here as confirmed