Terms and Conditions of Non-Livestock Sales

Announcements from the Auction Block take precendence over these below and any other printed material!
Seller Representation:

  • We tell you what the sellers tell us regarding operating condition, age, hours or mileage, etc.
    Everything is sold as presented to the buyer without further warrantee.
  • We concientiosly list and describe all items to the best of our knowledge.
    However, the descriptions remain a guide only, not a guarnatee - please inspect everything to your satisfaction before you buy.
    Bidding on an item indicates you have satisfied yourseld as to all aspects of the item and no one else is responsible.

Buyer Obligations & Responsibilities:

  • Buyers are required to pay for all purchases the day of the auction and nothing is to be removed until full settlement has been made.
  • All risk of purchases becomes the buyer's as soon as the item is declared 'sold' by the aucitoneer.
  • Payments can be made by cash or cheque with suffiecient identification, and we reserve the right to require a letter of credit
    from your bank on larger items. Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd reains ownership of all items until full settlement has been made
    and cheques have cleared the bank.
    You may pay be Visa or Mastercard (3.5% admin fee) or debit card if your limit is high enough.
  • Removal of purchases is the buyer's responsibility and must be done by the date announced at the auction.
    Failure to remove items by that time entitiles the seller or auctioneer to re-sell the items with proceeds going to the buyer (less expenses incurred).
  • Accidents: Although precautions are taken to protect the safetly and comport of buyers,
    Johnstone Auction Mart and staff assume no responsibility in this matter and disclaim andy liability, legal kor otherwise,
    in the event of an accident or loss of property. Attend all auctions at your own risk.