Exotic Bird and Small Animal Sale
Sunday, May 6, 11:00 AM

We accept and expect the following types of animals / birds:

  • Various breeds of exotic rabbits
  • Miniature horses, Miniature donkeys, Welsh ponies, etc.
  • Miniature cattle (Dexters, Lowlines, etc.)
  • Pot-Belly piglets, Pigmy goats, Exotic sheep, etc.
  • Various types of peafowl, ducks , geese, etc.
  • Laying hens of various ages
  • Standard, Bantam, and Exotic chickens, Quail, Wild & Domestic turkeys, etc.
  • Homing and other fancy pigions, doves, love birds, budgies, finches, etc.
  • Llamas, Emus, Manx cats, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, etc.
  • Cages, Feeders, Waterers, other small animal supplies

Seller Information and Terms of Auction:

  • The animals must be boxed with wire on one side or caged BEFORE they arrive. Boxes must have sturdy bottoms - plywood - not just cardboard, and no wire bottoms. Sellers, please keep in mind the humane treatment of these animals when boxing/crating them - don't overcrowd them or put them in cages where they can injure themselves. Make sure the animals have had water before they arrive. If there is no water in their crate, they will go virtually all day and into the evening without water.
  • The Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will have representatives watching for animals in distress and may take action against the sellers who consign animals in distress.
  • Boxes & crates must be labeled with what and how many are inside BEFORE they arrive.
  • Boxes & crates sell with the animals/birds inside, and boxes will not be opened when sold.
  • Large crates / hutches will stay outside and be sold after the small boxes inside.
  • Sellers with more than 10 boxes must bring a general list of what they have consigned (eg. 5 boxes of chickens, 2 boxes of ducks, 3 boxes of rabbits, 1 box of turkeys, etc.)
  • The following will be refused:
         *Weak boxes or boxes with wet bottoms
         *Boxes with overcrowded animals/birds
         *Boxes where the animals/birds cannot both stand and lay down
         *Boxes with sick or dying animals/birds
         *Boxes not labeled with what is inside and how many
         *Boxes without a viewing window
  • No Pigs unless they are caged or kenneled, and pig & crate together weigh less than 40lbs - weanling pigs only, no larger pigs
  • No un-boxed dogs nor cats - if they are not boxed or kenneled, don't bring them
  • All consignments must arrive between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM
  • Pre-Booking Option:
         *Pre-booking fee is $3.00 per box plus GST = $3.15
         *Pre-booking fee must be paid at least 4 days prior to the auction (not paid = not booked)
         *All pre-booked boxes sell before others not pre-booked, with the exception of cold-sensitive birds which sell at the beginning whether pre-booked or not
         *Larger animals (horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, etc.) sell after all boxes, so do not need to be pre-booked
         *No refunds of pre-book fees for consignors or boxes which don't come to the auction
         *No extra pre-booking will be allowed for extra boxes brought on sale day
  • Selling commission:
         *Selling commission is the same whether the boxes are pre-booked or not
         *Boxed animals/birds, etc.: 30% on the first $30, 25% on the amount over $30
         *Minimum commission per box is $5.00 (not including any pre-booking fees)
         *Larger (un-boxed) animals: 30% on the first $30, 15% on the amount over $30
         *Minimum commission non larger animals (not boxed) is $10.00 per animal
         *Seller cheques will be held for pickup until the following Wednesday, then mailed Thursday
  • Sale order:
         1. Finches, love birds, budgies, eggs, and other cold-sensitive consignments
         2. All pre-booked boxes - sold in the order they arrive sale day
         3. All other boxes - sold in the order they arrive sale day
         4. Larger animals (not boxed) - usually starting between 5:00 and 7:00 PM
         5. Non-exotic animals - sheep, goats, etc. (All sheep must have CCIA tags)

Buyers Information and Terms and Conditions of this Auction.:

  • All animals are sold as described by the consignor without warrantee for mis-representation from Johnstone Auction Mart - bidding indicates you have satisfied yourself with all aspects the the animals / items, and no-one else is responsible.
  • Payment must be made the day of the auction by cash, cheque (with sufficient identification), debit card, or Visa / Mastercard (3% admin fee on credit cards)
  • Refer to other terms of auctions for additional information.