Pairs / Bred Hfrs / Cows
Saturday, April 27, 2024   1:00 PM

Consignments to date: Info sheet now online

  • *Readcoat Cattle Station Commercial Dispersal
         *4-5 Angus and Limousin pairs - calves born in March
          Pair1     Pair2     Other calves1   Other calves2     
            Sire of the calves
  • *Howe Farm Pairs (Mike & Dale Howe)
         *14 Red and Black with Char and Angus calves.  Cows had Phizer FP 5 last fall and Scourbos. 
          Calves had Vit AD & Selenium & Naselgen inter nasal at birth to protect them from pneumonia.
          Bull calves have been ringed & the older ones had there Phizer 1- shot and Ultrabac Sominbac
          Ready for pasture!
          Slide Show of Howe Pairs
  • *Loveridge Pair Cow
         Red Angus cow with red angus heifer calf. Cow got bred yesterday to red angus bull
  • *M Bar L Pairs
         27 Black/BBF younger cows with calves at side, 2nd calvers and up
           Blk1     Blk2     Blk3     Blk4
          7 Red/RBF cows with calves at side
           Red1     Red2
          15 RWF SimmX cows with calves at side, 2nd calvers and up
           SimmX1     SimmX2     SimmX3
  • *Patione Pairs
         *4 RBF cows with calves at side
          Steer calves banded at birth, and calves recently branded and vaccinated
          with Bovishield Gold One Shot and Covexin Plus
           Pair1     3rd calver     Pair3     Pair4
  • *J. White Pairs
         9 Black cows with Black calves at side
            Pair1     Pair2     Pair3     Pair4     Pair5     Pair6
  • *20 Blk/BBF cows 5-8yrs old with calves at side
         Pic1     Pic2     Pic3
  • *8 younger Red & Black cows with calves at side
  • *10+ 7-9yr old mixed breed cows with calves at side
  • *9 Blk/BBF mature cows with calves at side
  • *Many more pairs and bred cows of various breeds and ages - 170+

  You can view and bid online for the commercial cattle auctions.
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Contact Mark Shologan at 780-699-5082 or Joann Shologan at 780-689-6068 for more information or help