Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows, Pairs
Sunday, December 29, 2019   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:

  • Casler Dispersal:
         *25 Mixed-breed cows (mainly black & red & CharX) bred BSimm to start calving later-March.
         *7 Heifers bred Speckle Park to start calving later-March
          The cows are all 2nd to 5th calvers
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  • Yuke Family Farm Dispersal:
    77 Black cows from 2nd to 7th calvers to start calving early March
           2nd and 3rd calvers are Bred Black Angus, 4th-7th calvers are bred Black Simmental
           All had Ivomec and pre-breeding PregGuard.
           2019 steer calves averaged 704lbs & heifers averaged 650lbs
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  • Stringer Dispersal:
         *42 CharX and R/B AngusX Cows bred Red Angus or Charolais to start calving mid-March
           The herd includes 3 Shorthorns, 1 Black belted cow and 1 Tan CharX belted cow
           Cows range from 2nd to 7th calvers.
         *1 Red Angus bull (6-Mile breeding) and 1 Charolais bull (Wilgenbush breeding)
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  • Wheaton B (Swenson) Dipsersal:
         *40 /BBF/Blk/RBF cows from 3rd calvers and up bred Black Angus to start mid-April
         *2 Registered Patterson Black Angus bulls
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  • Luzny Dispersal:
    50 CharX (Tan / TWF) cows bred Charolais to start calving mid-March
           Pics coming
  • Walter Dispersal:
         *50+ Blk AngusX bred Blk Angus to start calving later March.
          Pictures coming.
  • Harden Major Reduction:
         *75 Blk & 15 Red bred to Black & Red half Simmental bulls to start calving mid-April
           Approx. 15-second calvers, the rest 3rd to 5th calvers.
           2019 steer calves averaged 606lbs .
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           Cows9    Cows10    Cows11    Cows12    Cows13    Cows14
  • Ball Reduction:
    *35+ Red AngusXHereford cows bred Hereford to start calving mid-April.
          Pictures coming.
  • We expect several other groups of bred cows/hfrs of various ages and breeds