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Archived Sale Results from Farm / Hay Auctions 2014 back to 2002

September 27/14  Fall Consignment Machinery
August 9/14  Mini Fridges & Truck Auction
August 5/14  Ayerst Farm Auction
July 26/14  Shields Farm Auction
July 23/14  Lasby Farm Auction
July 19/14  Summer Consignment Machinery
June 28/14  Stephenson Acreage Auction
June 14/14  Consignment Machinery Auction
June 8/14  Bethune Consignment Machinery
June 1/14  Jesney Acreage Auction
April 22/14  Ehlie Farm Auction
April 19/14  Consignment Machinery Auction
April 15/14  Fitzpatrick Farm Auction
October 12/13  Consignment Machinery
July 20/13  Consignment Machinery
June 28/13  Waller Farm Auction
June 15/13  Consignment Machinery
June 10/13  Tranquility Farm Auction
June 9/13  Bethune Consignment Auction
June 4/13  Storry Farm Auction
June 3/13  Mackow Farm Auction
June 2/13  McDonald Farm Auction
April 18/13  Consignment Machinery
October 6/12  Consignment Machinery / Vehicles
July 30/12  Epp Farm Auction
July 21/12  Summer Consignment / Vehicles
June 27/12  Dreger Farm Auction
June 11/12  Donison Farm Auction
June 9/12  June Consignment / Vehicles
April 22/12  Bethune Consignment Machinery
April 19/12  Consignment Machinery / Vehicles
October 1/11   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles
September 22/11   Dykstra Farm Sale
July 23/11   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles
July 10/11   Beingessner Farm Auction
June 29/11   Mercer Farm Auction
June 22/11   Dobra Farm Auction
June 19/11   Grigg Farm Auction
June 17/11   Herring Farm Auction
June 7/11   Christmann Farm Auction
May 22/11   Marshall Farm Auction
May 14/11   Sheriff's Seized Trailers
April 28/11   Ritco Farm Auction
April 25/11   Bethune Consignment Machinery, Vehicles
April 21/11   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles
April 18/11   LaLonde Farm Auction
April 17/11   Norlander Farm Auction
October 2/10   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles, Tools
August 25/10   Raketti Farm Auction
July 29/10   Ward / Brown Farm Auction
July 24/10   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles, Tools
June 13/10   Don Craig Estate Yard /Tool Equipment
June 6/10   Revill Farm Auction
April 25/10   Bethune Consignment Auction
April 23/10   Juravle Farm Auction
April 22/10   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles
October 3/09   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles
September 27/09   David & Dolores Orr Acreage Auction
July 22/09   Doug Hunter Farm Auction
July 20/09   Darrell Davidson Farm Auction
July 18/09   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles
July 5/09   Rose Farm Auction
June 28/09   Newman Farm Auction
June 24/09   Buildings, Bins, Cattle Equipment
June 14/09   Mitchell Farm Auction
May 31/09   Gibson Estate Farm Auction
May 5/09   Kinneberg Farm Auction
May 1/09   Matthews Farm Auction
April 28/09   Thompson Farm Auction
April 23/09   Winkler Family Farm Auction
April 22/09   George Frost Farm Auction
April 21/09   McBride Farm Auction
April 16/09   Consignment Machinery
October 4/08    Consignment Machinery
September 7/08   Fred Johnson Farm/Industrial Auction
July 19/08   Consignment Machinery
 June 8/08   Morgan Farm Auction
 June 3/08   Street Farm Auction
 April 20/08    Mitchell Farm Sale
 April 17/08   Consignment Machinery
 April 13/08   Wilkinson Farm Sale
 April 9/08   Bitz Farm Sale
 October 6/07   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles / Tools
 July 21/07   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles / Tools
 July 17/07   Kraft Farm Sale
 July 8/07   Powder River Ranch Farm Sale
 July 7/07   Plains Small Engine Close-out
 June 10/07   Aksomitis Farm Sale
 April 24/07   Willis Farm Machinery
 April 22/07   Morrison / Kerr Acreage & Greenhouse
 April 19/07   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles / Tools
 April 12/07   Shillington Farm Sale
 Dec18/06   Mirage Farm Hay Sale
 Oct25/06   Lasota / Candler Hay Auction
 Oct09/06   Good Farm Machinery
 Oct07/07   Consignment Machinery / Tools
 July30/06   Cole Farm Sale
 July22/06   Consignment Machinery/Vehicles/Tools
 Jun30/06   Harold Back Estate Farm Auction
 Apr26/06   Matheson Farm Auction
 Apr24/06   Summers Farm Auction
 Apr20/06   Consignment Machinery
 Apr15/06   Mantell Farm Auction
 Dec14/05   Mirage Hay Sale
 Oct.8/05   Consignment Machinery/Vehicles/Tools
 Sep11/05   Bob Johnstone Acreage Sale Results
 Aug07/05   Baum Farm Sale
 July23/05   Consignment Machinery / Vehicles / Tools
 July9/05    15 Wing & Retail Store Shelving
 Jun28/05   Townend Farm Sale
 Apr21/05   Consignment Machinery/Vehicles/Tools
 Apr19/05   Anderson Farm Auction
 Mar14/05   Spring Hay Auction
 Oct 9/04   Consignment Machinery & Vehicles
 Jul.31/04   Crown Assets Office Furniture
 Jul.24/04   Consignment Machinery & Vehicles
 Jun20/04   Jim Hamill Estate Farm Auction
 Jun07/04   Bev White Estate Farm Auction
 Jun06/04   Vern Smith Estate Farm Auction
 Apr26/04   Jack Smith Farm Auction
 Apr22/04   Consignment Machinery & Vehicles
 Apr15/04   Rathwell Farm Auction
 Mar17/04   Rathwell Hay Auction
 Oct04/03   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles, & Tools
 Jul.26/03   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles, & Tools
 Jun15/03   Douglas Farm Sale
 Jun10/03   Webb Farm Sale
 Jun08/03   Schreiner Farm Sale
 Apr.24/03    Cleveland Farm Sale
 Apr.22/03   Peterson Farm Sale
 Apr.17/03   Consignment Machinery, Vehicles, & Tools

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