Dispersals, Bred Hfrs, Bred Cows
Saturday, February 3, 2024   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date:

  • *Lipp Dispersal - a closed (home-raised) herd for 35 years
         They will be Ivomeced late in 2023.
         *18 CharX Heifers bred Polled Hereford to start earlier March
         *127 CharX cows almost all from 2nd to 7th calvers
            Bred Charolais or Red Simmental to start calving earlier March
         *Herd Bulls: 1 - 2yr old Char, 2 - 3yr old Char, 1 - 5yr old Char, 1-3yr old Polled Hereford
          Slide Show of Pics 
  • *We expect more bred heifers and cows for this auction

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