Sheep & Goat Sales
August 24, 2024  1:00
September 21, 2024  1:00
October 19, 2024  1:00

Sellers must pre-book for these auctions

Sellers Read This:

  • *Sheep & Goats must be pre-booked before the auction to plan staff and penning requirements.
         *Book at least 2 weeks ahead - they get turned away after we were full and are deferred to the next auction.
         *Late bookings may be subject to a $5.00 per head extra charge.
  • *Sheep ID tags are mandatory:  no tags = take them back home
         *Order CCIA tags from the Sheep Development Board, 2213C Hanselman Court, Saskatoon, SK  S7L 6A8
           or call them at 306-933-5200
  • *Delivery:
         *There are often line-ups to unload Fridays before the larger auctions.
             Come Thursday for a shorter line-up - they'll still get fed and watered,
             and let us know when you book which day you are coming.
         *No groups over 10 head are accepted Saturday mornings before the auction.
         *Nothing is accepted after 10:00 AM Saturday mornings before the auction.
         *Any animals arriving Saturday morning are subject to a $5.00 per head extra charge
         *If you come without pre-booking you will be charged and extra $5.00 per head, or will be turned away if we're full.
  • *Sorting Ewes/Ewe Lambs as Breeding Stock:
         *We do not sell any ewes as breeding stock unless they are from a flock dispersal.
         *Ewe lambs (or yearlings) may be sold as breeding stock.
              -If you want your ewe lambs sold as breeding stock, they must be separated from your other sheep on the trailer
                or marked separate from the others when they arrive.
              -If they are not marked or separate, they will be sorted into feeder pens.
              -Note: If your ewe lambs are not of high size or quality, we caution you about trying to sell them as breeding stock,
                 they may bring less money than if they were sorted into larger feeder pens which the buyers prefer to buy from!
  • *Rams:
         *Any rams with poor mouths, feet, testicles, or other blemishes will be sold as culls.
         *We are very critical of selling cross-bred rams as breeders
         *Rams & Ram lambs will be sold in the following order:
              -Registered rams which are selling with registration papers
              -Commercial rams
              -Cross-bred rams (if accepted)
  • *Feeder / Market Lambs:
         *Sorted by weight ranges and structural size/type, plus categorized into the following:
                 -Range-type lambs (e.g. Columbia lambs)
                 -Katadin lambs & Dorper lambs (may be together or separate)
                 -Ram lambs and lambs with tails (may be together or separate)
                 -Yearling/Older withers and Yearling ewes
  • *Goats:
         *Feeder or Market goats will be pre-sorted by size and type
         *Cull does will be pre-sorted by size and weight
         *Breeding stock does must pass quality inspection and may be sold as choice or in small groups