Terms and Conditions of Livestock Auctions

Announcements from the Auction Block take precendence over these below and any other printed material!
Seller Representation:

  • We tell you what the sellers tell us regarding exposure dates, service sires, vaccinations, age, history, training, etc.,
    and we make no warrantee regarding the accuracy of that information, nor the suitability of the animal to your operation.
    In the case of registered livestock, the animal is represented by the seller as to the accuracy of pedigree, tattoo, DNA testing, etc.
  • Animals are sold as presented to the buyer without further warrantee from Johnstone Auction Mart.
  • Veterinary Inspection and Pregnancy Testing:
    We publish or announce the name of the vet and his/her opinion of the length of pregnancy, and is believed to be 'safe in calf' on the day of testing.
    Many will tell you that their vet is very accurate, but no vet will tell you that they can accurately determine the length of pregnancy when it is advanced beyond 120 days.
    After 3-4 months of pregnancy, the accuracy diminishes greatly, and variations of one month or more are normal.
    Use the vet's opinion of length of pregnancy in addition to exposure dates, and watch for signs of oncoming calving just like you would in your own herd.
  • Physical Soundness exams are rarely done on animals before the auction. Buyers are responsible to do their own inspection before buying.
  • Semen Testing of Bulls:
    In most cases, the semen testing of bulls has been done prior to arrival at the auction yard,
    and any selling as 'semen tested' will have a vet certificate with the results and date tested supplied by the seller.

Buyer Obligations & Responsibilities:

  • Buyers are required to pay for all purchases of livestock on the day of the auction.
    Those buyers using a credit facility such as a Breeder/Feeder Association, FCC, or Bank must have a letter of authorization or purchase order
    indicating the maximum amount to be purchased, along with any other conditions required by the creditor sent to
    Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd. at least 1 day prior to the auction. If the cattle must be branded with the creditor's brand, bring the branding iron with you
    so branding can be done before the cattle leave.
  • Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd retains ownership of the cattle until full settlement has been made and cheques have cleared the bank.
    You can pay by debit card, but make sure your limit per transaction or daily limit is high enough to cover your purchases.
  • 'Safe in calf' in the vet's opinion means there is no futher warantee of continuing pregnancy.
    Many things can happen to cuse abortion or absorption of the fetus, including falls, bunting, poor feed, etc.,
    and finding a fetus from the first or second trimester of pregnancy can be difficult, and if it is absorbed then no evidence will be found.
  • Bidding indicates you are satisfied as to all aspects of the animal and no one else is resonsible.
  • Accidents: Although precaustions are taken to protect the safety and comfort of the buyers and public, livestock can be unpredictable
    and at times dangerous. Johnstone Auction Mart Ltd. and staff assume no responsibility in this matter, and disclaim any liability of reponsibility,
    legal or otherwise, in the event of an accident or loss of property. Use caution around all livestock!