Claffey Dispersal
Saturday, January 13, 2024   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date:   Preg sheet now online

  • *Claffey Dispersal of 300 Black & Red Hfrs/Cows bred B/RSimm (Ashworth bulls)
       to start earlier April with a 60-day exposure
       Bovishield shots, Vit AD, Ivomeced
      This herd includes
              *58 - Bred Heifers (60% Black, 40% Red) - bred to calving ease bulls
                     Slide Show of Bred Heifers
              *54 - 2nd calvers (Most Black, some Red)
                     Slide Show of 2nd calvers
              *55 - 3rd calvers (60% Black, 40% Red)
              *140 4th - 6th calvers (60% Black, 40% Red)
                     Slide Show of 3rd - 7th calvers

  You can view and bid online for the commercial cattle auctions.
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