Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, November 18, 2023   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date: Preg/info sheet is now online
      2 bunk feeders 4' wide X 30' long to be sold at 11:55 just before the cattle

  • *D & E Armstrong Farms Bred Heifers
         *30 Red/RBF Heifers bred Red Angus to start calving March 1
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  • *McKerricher Bred Heifers
         *22 Heifers Bred Black Angus to start calving mid-March
           3 RWF, 5 BBF, 14 Black Angus
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  • *Speckle Park Dispersal for Allen Bleakley
         17 Speckle Park cows from 2nd calvers and up
          Bred Black Angus - bull out July 10 to start calving later April
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  • *D & E Armstrong Farms Dispersal
         *140 Red/RBF SimmX Home Raised Cows from 2nd calvers and up.
          Bred Red Angus or Red Simmental to start calving March 15
          The cows have been kept on the Pfizer health program & minerals
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  • *Triple L Dispersal
         *4 SimmXRAng & 2 BAngXMaine heifers bred Black Angus to start earlier March
         *5 BAngXMaine cows (3 - 2nd calvers) bred Black Angus to start earlier March
  • *Van Laar Heritage Farms Major Reduction:
         *15 RBF/BBF Heifers bred to an easy calving Simm bull to start Feb.20
           Slide Show of Hfr Pics
         *40 RBF/BBF Cows bred mainly Simm (some Hereford & Angus)
           Cows start March 2 - bulls pulled Aug.23
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  • *Mountenay Reduction
         *27 Red/RBF/Tan SimmX cows most 3-5 years old, bred RAng to start later March
          Normectin & Scour Guard shots
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  • *Alex Gill Reduction, Kelly Gill Bred Hfrs
         *6 Red/RBF Heifers bred easy calving Limousin
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         *25 mostly Red/RBF cows bred Gelbvieh or easy calving Limousin
           They will start calving March 1.
           The cows are 2nd calvers and up
          Slide Show of Cow Pics
  • *We expect more bred heifers and cows for this auction (350+)

  You can view and bid online for the commercial cattle auctions.
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