Exotic Birds and Small Animals
Sunday, June 9, 2024  11:00 AM

Special consignments:

We Accept and Expect the following:

  • Various breeds of exotic rabbits
  • Miniature horses, Miniature donkeys & mules, Welsh ponies, etc.
  • Miniature cattle (Dexters, Lowlines, etc.)
  • Pot-Belly piglets, Pigmy goats, Exotic sheep, etc.
  • Various types of peafowl, ducks , geese, etc.
  • Laying hens of various ages
  • Standard, Bantam, and Exotic chickens, Quail, Wild & Domestic turkeys, etc.
  • Homing and other fancy pigions, doves, love birds, budgies, finches, etc.
  • Llamas, Emus, Manx cats, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, etc.
  • Cages, Feeders, Waterers, other small animal supplies

Seller terms and conditions:

  • All consignments must arrive between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM sale day.
  • The animals/birds must be boxed with wire on one side or caged BEFORE they arrive. Boxes must have sturdy bottoms - plywood - not just cardboard, and no wire bottoms. Sellers, please keep in mind the humane treatment of these animals when boxing/crating them - don't overcrowd them or put them in cages where they can injure themselves. Make sure the animals have had water & feed before they arrive.
  • The Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will have representatives watching for animals in distress and may take action against the sellers who consign animals in distress.
  • Boxes & crates must be labeled with what and how many are inside BEFORE they arrive.
  • Boxes & crates sell with the animals/birds inside, and boxes will not be opened when sold.
  • Large crates / hutches will stay outside and be sold after the small boxes inside.
  • Sellers with more than 10 boxes must bring a general list of what they have consigned (eg. 5 boxes of chickens, 2 boxes of ducks, 3 boxes of rabbits, 1 box of turkeys, etc.)
  • The following will be refused:
         *Weak boxes or boxes with wet bottoms
         *Boxes with overcrowded animals/birds
         *Boxes where the animals/birds cannot stand
         *Boxes or cages with sharp edges which could injure the animals.
         *Boxes with sick or dying animals/birds
         *Boxes not labeled with what is inside and how many
         *Boxes without a viewing window
         *Horses and other larger animals with overgrown hooves or injuries
  • Pigs:
         *No pigs over 40lbs - weanling pigs only
         *Small pigs must be boxed or kenneled
  • No un-boxed dogs nor cats - if they are not kenneled, don't bring them
  • Pre-Booking Early Selling Option:
         *Pre-booking fee is $3.00 per box plus GST = $3.15
         *Pre-booking fee must be paid at least 4 days prior to the auction (not paid = not booked)
         *All pre-booked boxes sell before others not pre-booked, with the exception of cold-sensitive birds which sell at the beginning whether pre-booked or not
         *Larger animals (horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, etc.) sell after all boxes, so do not need to be pre-booked
         *No refunds of pre-book fees for consignors or boxes which don't come to the auction
         *No extra pre-booking will be allowed for extra boxes brought on sale day
  • Selling commission:
         *Selling commission is the same whether the boxes are pre-booked or not
         *Boxed animals/birds, etc.: 30% of selling price
    inimum commission per box is $5.00 (not including any pre-booking fees)
         *Larger (un-boxed) animals: 30% on the first $30, 15% on the amount over $30
         *Minimum commission on larger animals (not boxed) is $10.00 per animal
         *Seller cheques will be held for pickup until the following Wednesday, then mailed Thursday
  • Sale order:
         1. Finches, love birds, budgies, eggs, and other cold-sensitive consignments
         2. All pre-booked boxes - sold in the order they arrive sale day
         3. All other boxes - sold in the order they arrive sale day
         4. Larger animals (not boxed) - usually starting between 5:00 and 7:00 PM
         5. Non-exotic animals - sheep, goats, etc. (All sheep & miniature cattle must have CCIA tags)

Buyer terms and conditions:

  • All animals are sold as described by the consignor without warrantee for mis-representation from Johnstone Auction Mart.
  • Bidding indicates you have satisfied yourself with all aspects the the animals / items, and no-one else is responsible.
  • Payment must be made the day of the auction by cash, cheque (with sufficient identification), debit card, or Visa / Mastercard (3.0% admin fee on credit cards)
  • Refer to other terms of auctions for additional information.