Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Friday, December 29, 2023   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date:

  • *T-L Bred Heifers
         38 RAngXSimm Heifers Bred to performance Red Angus heifer bulls for mid March.
          Home raised, full herd health program, vaccinated Bovishield Gold, & 1st Scourboss 9.
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  • *Krug Bred Heifers
         20 HereXRAng Heifers Bred to a low BW (77lbs) Char bull to start calving mid-March.
          Cattlemaster Gold, Ivomeced
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  • *Silzer Bred Heifers
         20 Simm X Angus Bred heifers. Home raised and sired by Labatte, Rendevous and
         Cockburn bulls. Cockburn Red Angus heifer bulls went out June 9th, on a full herd
         health program. Have had their first Scour Bos 9 vaccine. Nice quiet group of heifers  
           Bull1     Bull2
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  • *Hicks (Dr. Carla & Dave) Reduction:
    20 Bred Heifers and young cows - more info coming
  • *Cassler Reduction:
    30 Red & Black mid-aged+ cows bred Char or Gelbvieh to start April 1
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  • *We expect more bred heifers and cows for this auction

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