Cow/calf Pairs, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Thursday, December 29, 2022   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date:  Preg & info sheet now online

  • *Carlson Bred Heifers
         *2 Blue Roan & 12 Black home-raised heifers bred to low BW Angus to start earlier March
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *TL Farms (Warken) Bred Heifers
         *35 Red/RBF SimmX heifers bred Red Angus to performance Red Angus heifer bulls
          from Moose Creek and HHH Red Angus. Bulls turned out June 1 for earlier March calving.
          All Home raised heifers with a full herd health program, they are fully vaccinated on
          bovishield gold program, and had first shot of scourboss 9. They are out of a strong
          cow herd focussed on productive, efficient females raising high weaning weight calves.
          TL Farms was awarded the 2022 Sask Commercial Simmental Breeder of the year!!
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  • *Knudson Bred Heifers
         *20 Red / Tan heifers bred Red Angus or Gelbvieh to start calving later March
           Hfrs1     Hfrs2     Hfrs3     Hfrs4     Hfrs5     Hfrs6     Hfrs7     Hfrs8  
  • *Hill Bred Heifers
         *Red/RBF heifers bred Gelbvieh to start calving earlier March
  • *Krug Bred Heifers
         *21 Hereforf X RAng heifers bred to a low BW Char bull to start calving mid-March
         Hfrs1    Hfrs2      Hfrs3      Hfrs4        Video of Hfrs
  • *Peterson Bred Heifers/ 2nds
         *15 Red/Tan Bred Heifers and 2nd calvers. Hfrs bred Red, 2nds bred Simm
         Hfrs1     Hfrs2     Hfrs3      Video of Hfrs
  • *RBD Bred Heifers
         *12 Red/RBF heifers bred Red Angus
  • *Jansen Bred Heifers
    *50 Black home raised top end heifers. Bulls turned out June 15th.
          1/2 the heifers are bred to Black Gold genetics and the other 1/2 are bred to Fleury genetics.
          Video of Hfrs
  • *Pavelich Reduction
          *75 Red/Tan/Black cows bred Simmental or Black Angus to start calving Februry 1
           The cows are ranging from Bred Heifers(2 Speckle Park, 1 Tan), 2nds, 3rd, and up
           They have been Ivomeced and Bovishield.
           On the ScourGuard Program (not given yet this year)
          Video1          Video2           Video3           Video4
  • *EK Ranch
    *11 Black cows bred Red Simm to start Apr.15 (60 days).
           Majority 2/3/4th calvers Bred to Wheatland purebred Simm bulls
           Vaccinated with Cattle Master & Tasvax, Ivomeced
            Pic1     Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5
  • *We expect more consignments of bred heifers & cows of various ages and breeds - check back

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