Dispersals, Bred Cows
Saturday, February 11, 2023  12:00 PM

Consignments to Date: Preg / Info sheet now online

  • *To sell at 11:45 before the cattle:
      *15 freestanding panels and 5 with gates
      *Allen Leigh camera system - 1 fixed & 1 panning camera
      *4 HD round bale feeders - 1 skirted, 3 non-skirted
      *38 X 1000lb alfalfa/brome soft-core hay bales located at our auction yard
  • *To sell at 1:00 before the cows: 1 black heifer sucking calf
  • *Matai Dispersal
           *175 Cowherd Dispersal - 100 Red/RBF and 75 Blk/BBF cows
           20 bred hfrs, 53 2nd & 3rd calvers, 26 4th & 5th calvers. Ivomeced
           Bred to Black Angus bulls with Peak Dot bloodlines to start early April.
           Some cows have genetics from Perrin Ranching, Crowfoot Cattle Co, Phoro Cattle Co.
           The Matai's have been raching for 50 years and are Registered in the VBP+ program
           They use a holistic intensive grazing program.
          Slide Show of Pics
  • *Segaert Dispersal
    *22 mostly Red cows & 8 heifers (RAngus X Gelbvieh) bred mostly Red Angus, some
             Blk Gelbvieh, to calve early March.
             Cows1     Cows2     Cows3     Cows4
  • *Kirby Dispersal
    *24 Blk/BBF (some Red) 2nd calving cows bred to Red 6-Mile bulls for March 15(60 days)
                 2nds1     2nds2     2nds3     2nds4     2nds5     2nds6     2nds7     2nds8
            *27 Blk/BBF cows bred to Black 6-Mile and Wilbar bulls for March 15(60 days)
              The cows are from 4yrs old and up
                 Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8
             Both age groups all had Vira Shield 6 and Bovolis Guardian
  • *Grieve Reduction
    *36 cows 5-6yrs old - some Charolais, some Blk/BBF.
             All bred Char - some for the end of Feb, some the end of March
  • *Speckle Park Cows
           *Two 4th calver Purebred Speckle Park cows bred Simmental to calve Apr.1
             Tattoos:  SCSP 30F, SCSP 13F  Papers with signed transfer will be supplied.
  • *We expect more consignments of bred cows/hfrs of various ages and breeds

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