Dispersals, Bred Cows
Saturday, January 28, 2023  12:00 PM

Consignments to Date: Preg & info sheet online

  • *Bohrson Bred Heifers
         *The final dispersal of females bred and born at the M & D Bohrson farm
          13 (9 black; 4 black brockle face) Simmental sired females out of black baldie cows
           Pasture exposed to calving ease Black Angus bull – Anchorage Escalate May25 – Jul15.        
           All heifers are 5 ½ to 7 months bred
           All pre-breeding shots – Blackleg, 1st ScourGuard shot and Ivermectin
           Hfrs1     Hfrs2     Hfrs3      Service Sire - Anchorage
          Video of Hfrs               2nd Video of Hfrs
  • *Kostal Bred Heifers
         *30 RAng X RSimm heifers
         *15 BAng X Hereford heifers
         All bred Black Angus to start calving March 20
         Home raised heifers. 1st shot of ScourBos, Ivomeced
         Hfrs1     Hfrs2     Hfrs3     Hfrs4     Hfrs5     Hfrs6
  • *Hanson Bred Heifers
         *14 Black & Red heifers bred Black Angus to start calving mid-March
           7 Tan cows from 3rd to 6th calvers bred Hereford to start calving mid-March
           Ivomec & Covexin 8
  • *John & Shirley Vandenhurk Dispersal
         *40 Speckle Park cows bred Speckle Park for mid March calving. Ivomeced
          2nd to 5th calvers
          3yr old Speckle Park herdsire - 80lb BW
          Slide Show of Pics                 Video of Hfrs   
  • *Waniska Cattle Corp Reduction
         *90 Simm X Here mature cows bred Charolais to start calving April 15
           Some Blacks are bred Red Simmental
          Cows1     Cows2     Cows3     Cows4     Cows5     Cows6
  • *Smith Reduction
         *10 Blk/BBF cows and bred heifers
          Pic1     Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5     Pic6     Pic7  
  • *We expect many more consignments of bred hfrs & cows of various ages and breeds

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