Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Wednesday, December 21, 2022   12:00 Noon

Consignments to Date:

  • *Emde Bred Heifers
         *20 Simm X Red Angus heifers bred Red Angus to start calving mid-February - 60-day exposure
        Slide Show of Pics
  • *Watkins Rock Solid Bred Heifers
         *65 BBF/BWF (BAngXHereford) heifers bred Black Angus to start mid-March (50 days)
           Not branded, Home Raised. BoviShield vacc program, Ivomec & 1st ScourBoss 9
        Slide Show of Pics                 Video of Heifers
  • *Blacksand Bred Heifers
         *6 Black SimmXAngus heifers bred to start calving late January (16 day exposure)
         *20 (15BBF, 5 Blk) SimmXAngus heifers bred Black Angus to start late March (40 day exp)
        They have all had Cattlemaster, Ultrabac 7, and Ivemectin
         Hfrs1     Hfrs2     Hfrs3     Hfrs4     Hfrs5     Hfrs6
          Video of Heifers
  • *Weisbeck Bred Heifers
         *15 CharX Tan & Red heifers bred Red Angus to start calving March 1
         Picture 1      Picture 2      Picture 3
  • *Larson Dispersal
         *40 CharX Tan/Wht cows bred Charolais to start calving mid-March
         *5 CharX hfrs bred Black Angus for mid-March
         *5 RedXSimm 2nd calvers & 5 6th calvers bred Charolais for mid-March
         *5 Black cows bred Black Angus for mid-March
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *Leippi Reduction
         *12 Red Angus heifers and 18 Red Angus cows bred Red Angus to start calving Feb.15
        Cows1     Cows2     Cows3     Cows4     Cows5     Cows6     Cows7      Cows8
  • *Jackson Heifers & Cows
         *5 Blk/BBF heifers bred Black angus to start calving later February
         *10 Black cows bred BLack Angus to start calving mid-April
  • *Lacelle Bred Heifers
         *14 RWF heifers bred to a WWF calving ease Black bull to start calving mid-March
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *4K Angus Cows
         *8 Black Angus cows bred Black Angus to start calving in February
            1 older cow, 7 are 6yrs and under
  • *Sjostrand Bred Heifers
         *5 Black Angus X Simm heifers bred to a Black Simm hfr bull to start calving April 20
           Hfr1      Hfr2     Hfr3      Hfr4     Hfr5
  • *Krupp Dispersal
         *40 Red Angus X Simm cows (Red/RBF) bred Red Angus or Simmental to start late Feb.
  • *We expect more consignments of bred heifers and cows of various ages and breeds - check back

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